Scenic Landscapes & Skin Care Collide In the Azores

Author - The Zoe Report

The terrain looks both familiar and too striking to be real — like a scene from Jurassic Park, minus the herds of velociraptors. Here, off the western coast of Portugal, are the Azores, an archipelago of nine volcanic islands. In an era when the trendiest travel destinations are marked by wild day parties (Mykonos), tequila-fueled nightlife (Tulum), and excursions planned with the perfect Instagram shot in mind (Bali), the appeal of the Azores lies in experiencing the natural landscapes. More than 850 miles away from Portugal’s industrial pollution, the islands are so rich in minerals that they not only make the Azores a premier wellness destination, but have also inspired one of today’s buzziest luxury skin care brands, Ignae.

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